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V Morgan Is Dead

New scripted supernatural drama series brought to life by RBC features cast from Defiance, Heroes: Reborn and Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Life’s a bitch, then you die. But when V’s life ends, her story begins. shift2 and Smokebomb Entertainment, Shaftesbury’s award-winning brand agency and digital arms behind hit YouTube series Carmilla and MsLabelled, have launched new 20-part scripted drama series V Morgan Is Dead in partnership with RBC.

Following her sudden death, 28-year-old Violet “V” Morgan (Tara Joshi; Baxter) finds herself on The Sixth Floor, an afterlife crisis centre overseen by director Alistair Benson (Conrad Coates; Defiance). He presents V with a contract to be a sort of guardian angel and fix connections between people that are broken in real life. Not exactly the easiest task for the generally disengaged and introverted V, but if she completes 100 connections, she’ll get the ultimate promotion: a second chance at life.

All associates of The Sixth Floor commemorate completed assignments with an addition to the personal collections they obsessed over in real life—for V, it’s marking her body with symbolic tattoos. As if working through her assignments wasn’t a big enough pain in the ass, V soon finds herself entangled in a growing conspiracy on The Sixth Floor. Neck-deep in mystery and intrigue, she’s left wondering if she’ll ever get her life back…literally.

“The Sixth Floor has become the bane of my existence. How am I supposed to do my job properly when all of the dead people are trying to come back to life?” said The Grim Reaper in a statement. “Really hoping that V Morgan girl fails her assignments so I can bring her to the afterlife where she’s supposed to be.

The cast of V Morgan Is Dead includes Tara Joshi, Conrad Coates, Andy McQueen (Riftworld Chronicles), Jenny Raven (The Girlfriend Experience), Ian Blackwood (Remedy), Jocelin Haas (Heroes: Reborn), Andrew Chapman (Murdoch Mysteries), Ron Lea (The Strain), Farah Merani (Dirty Singles), Ehran Kassam (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Abigail Winter (Between), Sam Coyle (Off2Kali Comedy), Rhea Akler (The Strain), Ayesha Mansur (Hemlock Grove), John Rhys (Reign), Francis Melling (Wexford Plaza), Kamil Orzechowski (Warehouse 13).

Developed and produced by shift2 and Smokebomb Entertainment in association with RBC, V Morgan Is Dead is produced by Davin Lengyel, Jay Bennett and Melanie Windle, and executive produced by Christina Jennings and Kaaren Whitney-Vernon. Filmed in Toronto in mid-October, the series was created by Sarah-Jane Sheppard, written by Sheppard and Mika Collins, and is directed by Zoe Robyn (Syfy’s Helix, Gator Farm, MsLabelled).

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20 x five-minute scripted supernatural drama series


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