Merging Entertainment & Technology
Since 2015 we have been collaborating with leading pediatric healthcare institutions and researchers to test various applications of advanced gameplay for clinical effect in providing non-pharmacological stress relief in children using immersive media.
Positive Distraction Therapy

Our PDT product combines all the most effective positive distraction techniques with an innovative approach to adaptive gameplay that adjusts to an individual’s response.

Immersion Therapy

Gentle exposure by creating virtual non-threatening environments utilizing 360 video and CGI.

Education Technology

We are designing in a way that allows any child to get the most out of a game experience by using AI as a tool to find the best learning/play style of each child.

People First.

Everything we do must put people first; our clients, and the patients and families we impact.
Shaftesbury Technology improves quality of life for children around the world with innovative technologies that teach, heal and transform.
Through our network of technology leaders and healthcare professionals we combine adaptive AI and human-centered design to create immersive experiences that empower children to be the hero of their own story.
Product Pillars.


Not Just Building Products .... Building Eco-Systems

SHN phase II trials 120 children age 8-15

parent of patient 48
“Thought the game was amazing as a distraction. The game was a great opportunity to ease child’s tension and captivate him.”
parent of patient 21
“Very good program, instead of just sitting there and thinking about surgery, child gets to play game and  be distracted instead. I think this game improved his perception of surgery”
parent of patient 49
“Family thought the game was distracting and was  able to take child’s mind off the surgery. Parents felt  more comfortable seeing their child comfortable.”

Intent counts more than technique and we have always believed that our principal obligation is to outcomes.

Shaftesbury Technology -Teach. Heal. Transform

We create highly realistic 3D environments and game variables to be experienced through VR, AR and tablets. In these immersive game environments, we use colour, sound and adaptive programming to deliver interactive cognitive experiences to maximize patient distraction and minimize patient stress. That provides gentle exposure and creating realistic, virtual and non-threatening environments.
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