Stinky Science

Smelly Socks. Stinky Cheese. Rotting Garbage. Gross! … Or is it? There’s a lot more to bad smells than meets the eye, er, nose.

There’s also SCIENCE! Learn all about what makes a smell … well…smell. How your nose knows when danger is near. Which creatures have the best senses of smell, the world’s stinkiest stinks. Take a deep breath and dive into the science behind the stinks.

With its cast of cheeky characters and writing that blends bite-sized science facts with wry humour, Stinky Science has become a runaway best-seller, distributed by Barnes and Noble, Target and Walmart in the US and breaking into the Amazon Top 20 science books of 2019.

  • 26 x 3 Minutes
  • Season 1 in Development
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