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Who’s Sorry Now

Who’s Sorry Now? explores big marquee moments of regret from public figures to take a sharp and timely look at the art, spin and billion-dollar business behind The Big Apology. The recent boom in public apologies is taking place against a backdrop where powerful people and interests have less and less privacy. With a mobile phone camera in every pocket and an internet audience instantly riveted to postings of fresh scandals, it’s harder than ever for public figures to hide mistakes and misdeeds. Inevitably when a crisis comes, an elite brand of “reputation managers” or “crisis control specialists” springs into action. They take control of the message by spinning the apology in an effort to “protect the brand” and salvage the image of the philandering politician, the cheating sports idol, or corrupt CEO. More often than not it all goes wrong.


One-hour documentary

CBC Doc Zone in Canada

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Shaftesbury Sales Company
Lindsay Brown – Sales Executive