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Unlikely Heroes

Unlikely Heroes sees a ragtag team of teens take on cryptic puzzles, deadly traps and a medieval steam-punk civilization during one action-packed summer day in this digital comedy series (eight by five minutes) that merges the youthful adventure of The Goonies with the farcical comedy of Shaun of the Dead. Wes Biggs (Dylan Authors, Connor Undercover) is not exactly the outdoorsy type – his day-to-day life essentials include a laptop, smartphone and gaming devices. But this summer his parents have decided to change that. Before Wes knows it, he and his goofy best friend Felix are stuck on a lame hike with a group of oddballs, including annoying know-it-all eco-warrior Ellen (Ana Golja, Connor Undercover, What’s Up Warthogs!), reality TV junkie Cheryllyn (Emilia McCarthy, Booky’s Crush, Booky & the Secret Santa) and hyper daredevil Ben (Eden Ocean Sanders). However, when the five of them stumble upon an ancient amulet that projects a holographic map, and a scary power glove unfortunately attached to a treasure-hungry park ranger (Billy MacLellan), their day takes a turn for the awesomer.


5 Minutes

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