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The Shields Stories

The second in the franchaise from the Gemini Award winning producers of The Atwood Stories, and starring Sheila McCarthy (Pacific Heights), Jayne Eastwood (Life with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows), Sara Botsford (E.N.G.) and Patrick McKenna (Trudeau) this dramatic anthology series is based on six short stories by acclaimed author Carol Shields. The stories gracefully weave together the rich and random details of everyday life. Directors are Lynne Stopkewich (Kissed), Sarah Polley (Away From Her), Norma Bailey (The Sheldon Kennedy Story), Mina Shum (Bliss) and Lori Spring (The Atwood Stories).

Drama Anthology

6 Episodes x 30 Minutes

Canadian Broadcaster is W Network.
Distributed worldwide by Shaftesbury Sales Company.

Year of Production:

Sales Contacts

Shaftesbury Sales Company
Lindsay Brown – Sales Executive