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The Listener

Toby Logan (Craig Olejnik) is The Listener, a telepath who works as a special consultant with the elite Integrated Investigative Bureau (IIB), facing both professional and personal challenges as he uses his mind-reading skills to solve difficult and dangerous crimes.

Season 5 of the series sees the IIB team moving forward professionally and personally as Toby advances in his policing skills to become an even-more effective member of the elite unit, while Sgt. Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith) struggles to balance motherhood and a fulfilling career. Complicating matters further is the return of Supervising Inspector Brian Becker (Anthony Lemke, Lost Girl), whose unfinished business with Toby from Season 1 creates problems for the team.

The Listener continues to drive million-plus audiences on CTV, including a series-high 1.4 million viewers, resulting in an average audience of 1.1 million. The series ranks among the Top 5 most-watched Canadian series in all genres.

The IIB team investigates a series of complex crimes in Season 5, including the abduction of a ballerina; murder by magic when a tattooed illusionist’s stunt goes awry; the death of a legendary treasure hunter; and the poisoning of a cooking show contestant on live television. But their biggest obstacle might be the return of Supervising Inspector Brian Becker (Lemke), who is skeptical about Toby’s contributions to the IIB and must be cautiously won over by the team. Alex Kendrick (Natalie Krill, Rookie Blue) also joins the team as a forensics technician. Her savvy doesn’t go unnoticed by Dev, who is thrilled to have an attractive new colleague and collaborator.

Toby also contends with the new status of his romantic life. Having moved in with crime reporter Tia Tremblay (Melanie Scrofano, Being Erica), he treads a fine line between being too open about his work and holding back, while Tia begins to look into his mysterious past. Michelle juggles motherhood with her policing duties, and disappointment at being passed over for a promotion. Meanwhile, Toby’s best friend, Oz Bey (Ennis Esmer, Sex After Kids), steps away from hospital administration and the world of EMS to take care of people in new ways – as the owner of a popular gastropub.


Procedural Drama

Five Seasons:
65 episodes x one-hour

CTV and Bravo in Canada
ION Television in the United States
Fox International Channels in 120+ markets worldwide

Year of Production:
2009 – 2014

Sales Contacts

World (excluding North America)
Shine International
Sales Contacts

North America
Shaftesbury Sales Company
Lindsay Brown – Sales Executive