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From the creator of Pound Puppies (Mike Bowling), this charming animated series for kids aged 4 to 9 follows the adventures of five smart, fun-loving and brave mermaid friends who keep watch over the magical undersea Kingdom of Orabel. A collectible toy line from TPF Toys featuring a play set, mermaid figurines, shells, more than 100 pets, underwater gems and other deep-sea treasures is now available at US Toys “R” Us stores.

Mermaids Laila, Pasha, Ava, Charlotte and Ellie can always be counted on when something goes wrong. Whether it’s searching for a lost baby fin friend, fixing coral reefs damaged by storms or careless “top-siders” (humans), retrieving stolen treasure, fending off dastardly Mer-Pirates or preventing ecological disasters, these five friends always manage to save the day.

As brave and savvy as these dynamic mermaids are, sometimes they need a little bit of extra help. Luckily, the group can always depend on the Splashlings – living gems, treasures and ocean pets hidden in seashells scattered throughout the kingdom. Whenever a mermaid finds one of these special shells, the Splashling inside instantly bonds with her and becomes her friend for life. Like the mermaids, every Splashling is unique and possesses special talents and secrets – like Holly Heartstone who can see someone’s true nature, and Serena Scepter who can control the incredible power of the sea.

With supportive friends from all over the ocean always ready to help, there’s no mission our mermaid guardians can’t handle – especially when every quest is filled with adventure, surprise and laughter.

52 x 11-minute kids animated adventure series

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