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Life with Derek

Sold in 120 countries worldwide, the hit sitcom Life with Derek is a live-action half-hour comedy series about a modern blended family. Blending two families is never easy and, when two self-absorbed teenagers and three younger siblings from two very different families are involved, major conflict is guaranteed. The Venturis have long been accustomed to a lax, unorganized way of life in which the three children invariably get their way, while the MacDonalds thrive on a more orderly life where politeness is key. When George Venturi (John Ralston) and Nora MacDonald (Joy Tanner) marry, the two families must somehow merge into one. So, when ultra-organized 15-year old Casey (Ashley Leggat) and her younger sister Lizzie (Jordan Todosey) move in with selfish and demanding Derek (Michael Seater), his younger brother Edwin (Daniel Magder), and their tantrum prone youngest sister Marti (Ariel Waller), space, privacy, and dealing with change quickly become serious challenges. This modern-day Brady Bunch finds the kids fighting over everything from a shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet to the television remote, who gets the biggest bedroom, and dating rules. Lots of drama, comedy, and attitude ensue and Derek can always be counted upon to be selfish in the extreme while Casey never quite feels that her needs are being met. As the seasons progress, each family member  changes and grows and, while they may never all be the closest of buddies, they do begin to care about one another in a meaningful way – even if they’d rather die than admit it.

Kids Live-Action Comedy

70 episodes x half-hour

Family Channel in Canada
Disney Channel in the United States

Year of Production:
2005 – 2009

Sales Contacts

Shaftesbury Sales Company
Lindsay Brown – Sales Executive