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Good Dog/Good God

TV producer George Findlay (The Newsroom’s Ken Finkleman) is a man in crisis. Just don’t tell him that…he doesn’t know it yet.

Emmy award-winning writer and producer Ken Finkleman (The Newsroom) returns to television in Good Dog and Good God, his two-season comedy series produced by Shaftesbury in association with Astral’s The Movie Network and Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central. The sharply ironic series focuses on the life of George, a self-absorbed, neurotic TV producer. After hooking up with Claire (Lauren Lee Smith; The Listener, The L Word), a gorgeous model half his age, George negotiates his new reality dating a younger woman by pitching a reality show about his high concept, highly coveted, seriously volatile life. When the pitch and his life go sideways, he frets, vents and reevaluates by soliciting questionable advice from his best friend Doug (Jason Weinberg). Next up, the self-absorbed, significantly left-leaning George agrees to take the helm of a soon-to-launch right-wing news network. Never one to let a simple clash of ideologies get in the way of a fat paycheck, George is sure he’s up for the challenge…until he learns that his new workplace is a minefield of lawsuits, agenda setting, political kowtowing and all-around ass-kissing, and is staffed by dysfunctional right-wing nuts including wonderfully dumb morning show host Shandy Sommers (The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee). Worst of all, George’s request for a private executive bathroom is denied.


23 x half-hour

HBO Canada, The Movie Network, Movie Central, The Comedy Channel Australia and Hulu

Year of Production:
2010 – 2012



Sales Contacts

Shaftesbury Sales Company
Lindsay Brown – Sales Executive