Kaaren Whitney-Vernon talks “The Motorcycle Project” with BrandStorytelling

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Kaaren Whitney-Vernon talks “The Motorcycle Project” with BrandStorytelling

Shaftesbury SVP of Branded Entertainment Kaaren Whitney-Vernon was recently interviewed by BrandStorytelling about upcoming Shaftesbury show The Motorcycle Project.

The Motorcycle Project features Humberly González and Carmilla star Elise Bauman as half-sisters who hit the road on their motorcycles, looking for their missing third sister.

As Kaaren explains in the interview, the story behind The Motorcycle Project came from the sense of wanderlust that drives people to hit the road. “The travel component is important as more and more people are in search of their roots and the meaning of their family,” she says.

Much like Carmilla before it, The Motorcycle Diaries will be rooted heavily in its social media following, with the characters on the show using social media to help them find clues to their sister’s location.

The Motorcycle Project trailer has already generated more than 100,000 likes on YouTube.

Check out Kaaren’s interview with BrandStorytelling to learn more about the project, what brands would be a good fit for the show, and about how Shaftesbury tracks and monitors the success of its Branded Entertainment projects.

Read “Getting to Know The Motorcycle Project: Q&A with SVP of Branded Entertainment at Shaftesbury, Kaaren Whitney-Vernon” at BrandStorytelling.


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