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Baxter is a half hour live-action comedy that follows Baxter McNab and his friends on their journey through the unique, high-energy world that is Northern Star School of the Arts.  At this school where the students will do anything they can to stand out, the stress of a math test is nothing compared to that dance solo, or music recital, or monologue, or – you get the idea. Though his irreverent style might rub some teachers the wrong way, Baxter knows that great friends are the key to survival, and that Northern Star is a crazy amazing way to spend high school. Baxter online is an immersive experience for tweens that allows them to play awesome games; watch, vote, and comment on hilarious videos and customize the entire site any way they want and pass it on to friends.

Kids Live Action

13 Episodes, 30 Minutes

Canadian Broadcaster is Family Channel.
Distributed worldwide by Shaftesbury Sales Company.

Year of Production:

Sales Contacts

Shaftesbury Sales Company
Ryan St. Peters – VP, Sales & Business Development